A Great Way to Earn

The Pro Crypto affiliate program is a great way to monetize your traffic and network in the Bitcoin community. Our clothing is an exciting new addition to the world of Bitcoin consumer products, and we are very excited to work with you!


Bitcoin T-shirt Hero Pose

10% on every Referral

On average, our customers tend to check out with 2 products in their carts. At $28 dollars a shirt, your total take for our average customer would be $5.60. Percentages are calculated after discounts are applied, and don’t include tax or shipping.

30 day Cookie

Every customer you refer gets tracked for 30 days. Any purchases they make in that time window count toward your payout! The best part is, we re-market. So all those valuable leads you send our way have a higher chance to convert in your window

Payouts every 14 days

We track your payout value in USD. Then on payday, we convert it to BTC and send directly to your Wallet Address. We’ll follow up with an email telling you conversion rate we used, and your total payout

Track your Progress

Affiliates can log in to our affiliate area (http://procrypto.net/affiliate-area) and view all referral visits, conversions, and the payout we owe you.

Custom Creative

We make custom banners and ad creative for any promotional space you have available. We have our first batch up, and plan to add more soon. If you have special design needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Great Support

Working with you is important to us! We’re a small team, but we will do our best to give you the help you need, fast. If you need help, send us an email, and don’t forget to include the word “Affiliate” in the title!