Fall / Winter Line-Up: Women’s Tees,
Men’s Longsleeves, and Hoodies for All

Fall / Winter Line-Up: Women’s Tees,
Men’s Longsleeves, and Hoodies for All
November 24, 2015 Marty
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Our New Line-Up Is Here! | Ladies | Hoodies | Longsleeve

It’s already past the half point of autumn in the northern part of the world. The weather in some areas might be more bearable than in summer, and gaining that crisp quality in others. But no matter where you are, the nights are getting colder.

This mission of ours to promote Bitcoin won’t be stemmed by the arrival of the cold. The price index has had it’s sharp ups and downs this month which, if anything, shows that Bitcoin is still in the game.

Now, without further delay, we’re happy to present to you now our new line-up of Bitcoin apparel.

Our unisex hoodies are soft and warm. If you like them big and snuggly where the sleeves cover your hands some, we suggest you order one size over your regular fit. You’ll appreciate the added comfort and feeling of safety. Otherwise, the cut is modern and stylish, so your normal size will fit nicely under that fashionable fall jacket of yours. Just remember to keep that jacket unbuttoned to show off the game-changing design.

We’ve selected for this set BITCoIN and Mining Corps for the chest piece. We felt—and hope you’ll agree—that the typography-focused images are somber enough to avoid competing with the already imposing style of the garment. The classic, almost vintage look of the Mining Corps logo and the geometric and modern simplicity of the BITCoIN design, will catch the eye of your design-savvy friends. They’ll be sure to initiate long and productive discussions around a hot cup of coco on the changing face of global finance.

Pro Crypto is all about combating the misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency community. One of these misconceptions is that women aren’t as active and passionate as men are in this brave new world.

We beg to differ.

Our line of form-fitting tees for the women of Bitcoin now consolidates the objectives we had in starting Pro Crypto. We wanted to reach everyone and now we can.

In line with the colder months ahead, we felt it necessary to offer a little diversity in the styles of clothing sporting our Bitcoin-themed designs. Our new men’s longsleeve t-shirts offer all the same crypto-art and conversation fodder in a new, more season-appropriate format. We’re also really digging the cuffed sleeves, which add practicality to fashion. There’s nothing worse than loose sleeve-tips when you want to roll them up on a late night of solving the world’s financial crisis.

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