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March 27, 2015 Marty
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The Pro Crypto Clothing Brand Is Officially Launched!

Our hope and mission in starting this project was to give the Bitcoin community extra tools to bring the revolutionary new currency to the attention of the masses. There are already a few Bitcoin-themed tees being sold out there, and though we know that they might appeal to those of us who are already hardcore adherents, we felt that they were maybe too generic. They wouldn’t necessarily catch the eye of those less familiar with it.

And that’s what we want: we want your friends and family – who have barely ever heard the word Bitcoin – to see your sweet new T-shirt, with its slick design, and ask you what it means. The biggest problem that we face is lack of adoption. The reason companies don’t adopt Bitcoin is because customers and clients either don’t know anything about it, know very little, or just don’t trust it.

With Pro Crypto clothing, we want to present Bitcoin in peoples’ everyday lives. We want them to ask questions and gain interest. And we want you to help us by sharing your knowledge and passion with them.

Who Are We?


My name’s Marty. I’ll be the one taking care of customer service and social media. So when you try to contact us via the Contact section of the site or on our Twitter and Facebook pages, it’s me who’ll be answering your questions, and I’ll also be trying to connect with more of the Crypto-community and just generally offering polite banter. For the moment, I’m working out of Montreal, so if you live nearby and want to connect or check out one of our T-shirts first hand before you buy it, write to me and we’ll see if we can arrange a meet-up!


This is Gordon, he’s the founder and creative director. Gordon got the initial notion a couple of years ago that offering cool designs for tees related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies would be a great way to promote them and encourage adoption. So he tried out a few ideas and perfected those he liked and came up with the great line of products we’re offering you today. He’ll be churning out more and more designs as time goes by and, hopefully, as you ask for them. He’s in Bangkok for the time being and hooking up with the growing community that’s sprouting there.

What Will We Be Adding to the Catalog in the Future?

If you’ve already been through the Catalog, you might have noticed that we only have tees on hand. Worse than that, we don’t even have women’s sizes! That’s not fair and we know it. Which is why we’re working hard to get our designs in women’s sizes, as well as on long-sleeved tees and hoodies as soon as possible.

Down the road we’ll also be adding new designs and colours so you’ll have plenty of options to suit your taste. You can sign up to our newsletter (down at the bottom of the page) or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get a first look (and maybe even the odd promo code here and there) of our newest designs as they come out.

What Is this Blog For?

This is our first of many posts. We don’t just want to promote Bitcoin by selling clothes. We also want to provide you with entertaining and informative content. We’ll use this blog to push out insightful posts that explore the best ways of getting people hooked. We’ll offer useful links and resources, articles describing our own first-hand experiences and research in trying to inform people, and once in a while we’ll dish out good looking infographics we hope you’ll pass along on your own networks.

There You Have It.

We hope you’ll be as inspired by the project as we are and that you’ll help us along the way.

Now, please do have a look at our fine selection, friends.

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