It all started like this…

Gordon wanted to send Marty some money. Problem was, Gordon lives in Bangkok, and Marty lives in Montreal. They tried for a long, long time to get their banks to play nice, but, as we all know, banks don’t play nice. After weeks of furrowed brows and stress headaches, Marty said something brilliant.

“Hey Buddy, why don’t we try Bitcoin?”

Within a couple hours, Gordon and Marty had hot wallets set up filled with Bitcoin from a local exchange in Thailand. Once he got Marty’s address, Gordon pressed send. One second later, they both heard a loud beep.

“It’s here,” Marty said.

“Fuck. That was fast…”

On that day, Gordon and Marty’s love affair with Bitcoin began.

From Coins to Clothes

Ever the fashionable gentlemen, Gordon and Marty thought it might be nice to proudly display their newfound love via some sweet Bitcoin clothing. Problem was, after some cursory research, what they found was less than stellar.

“Hey Marty,” Gordon asked. “Would you wear these shirts in public.”

“No sir.”

“Hey Marty,” he asked again. “Do you think we could do better?”

“I do indeed.”

 Without another word, Gordon locked himself away with nothing but drafting pens, paper, and a Macbook Pro. He emerged days later, with a name and a logo. On that day, Pro Crypto was born. And the rest was history…